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Los alumnos de 6to año realizaron un proyecto en Power Point llamado "ALL ABOUT ME" que incluía develar sus gustos  y características personales y volcarlas en una presentación digital. Les encantó el desafío y realizaron presentaciones muy creativas. Les dejamos una muestra de las mismas.
Docente: Mercedes Passano
The 6º form students made a PowerPoint project called ALL ABOUT ME, which consisted on including their preferences and self characteristics and show them in a digital presentation. They loved the challenge and they made very creative presentations.Here are some samples of them:

Create an 11 slide power point presentation to provide information about yourself to your classmates.
  • Slide 1: Title page slide introducing yourself with your name and your surname.
  • Slide 2: Your birth date and TWO significant events that occurred on that date in history, with pictures of the events. (Add the year of each event)
  • Slide 3: Your name and the meaning of your name.What's In A Name? Origin
  • Slide 4: Description of your favorite meal, including a main course, 2 side dishes, dessert & beverage with photographs of each item. Do an image search to find pictures of each item.
  • Slide 5: Family Three with identification of each member. Use text boxes and arrows to identify each person.
  • Slide 6: Your Choice: Description of a hobby, zodiac symbols, talent or other with pictures of each one.
  • Slide 7: FRIENDS name and characteristics with identification of each person.
  • Slide 8: Top 3 favorite places OR cities you’ve visited, including pictures.
  • Slide 9: Favorite music with pictures of your favorite artist(s).
  • Slide 10: Your Future: Plans after school. (Think of something, DO NOT SAY “I DON’T KNOW”!!!)
  • Slide 11: Favorite Quote

Criteria for Success
  • Attractive and complimentary background maintained throughout the slide show.
  • Animation of text and/or pictures on each slide. Animation occurs in a logical order (e.g.title first, then text, etc…)
  • Transitions between slides.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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