Efficient typing

If you use a computer, you need to use the keyboard all the time. Better is your keyboarding, better will be your perform on the computer.  That is the reason because we will practice at school with some typing lessons.

5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn Keyboarding

1.     When your child knows how to type, he or she doesn't think about where to put their fingers. The fingers have, in a way, "memorized" the keyboard. (Ever drive home on 'automatic pilot'? It's like that.) When your little typist doesn't have to concentrate on the keyboard, he or she gets to think about their work.

2.    The student's work is legible.

3.    Learning to keyboard properly at an early age will minimize bad habits that are hard to "unlearn". Bad habits lead not only to sloppy typing but physical conditions like neck aches and repetitive stress injuries.

4.    Efficient typing skills also improve communication. If you child types well, they can type more and be more expressive and more accurate when you need to communicate quickly such as with messaging and group collaboration.

5.    Students with learning difficulties including dyslexia or dysgraphia find it easier to type than write because the letters automatically go from left to right and they don't need to worry about writing them backwards.

To read more, you can go to the source: http://tranndee.hubpages.com/hub/Typing-for-Children

Here you have some Links to practice at home… Have Fun!!!!

Miss Alejandra
Computer Studies

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